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The labor support seminars offered are:

Nursing Strategies for Labor & Evidenced-Based Labor Support Skills: A Nursing Skills Program - (2 days)


Discuss how nurses and doctors  can change the maternity culture

Identify the challenges of  changing a L&D culture.

Describe the significance of labor and birth in a woman’s/family’s life.

Use effective & compassionate communication techniques through out labor and birth.

Discuss nature of labor pain.

Discuss latest evidenced labor support research.

Assess psychosocial/cultural needs of woman and family.

Discuss the influence of the 6 ways of labor progressing.

Name the six mechanisms for promoting physiologic labor.

Describe, demonstrate use a variety of maternal positions and movements during labor.

Describe, demonstrate use a variety of supportive nonpharmologic techniques for labor and birth.

Identify techniques to deal with failure to progress.

Discuss the history of birth from ancient to modern times.

Discuss evidenced based guidelines for second stage labor.

Discuss and demonstrate a variety of maternal positions for second stage.

Bringing the Nurse Back to the Bedside: The Evidence for Labor Support - (1 ½ hr seminar)

Objective- Discuss how nurses can change the maternity culture, identify the research on nursing labor support, list the elements in staff labor support program, list the potential outcomes of a staff labor support program.

Variable Formats for Seminars

Our aim is to make the seminars site specific so that the participants obtain maximum benefit from the program. The hands-on learning courses give the participant the chance to practice skills at the seminar site making it much easier to implement them in their practice setting.

The topics are varied and can be done in several formats- 1 hour, 1/2 hour, half-day, full day and 2 day sessions. 

Continuing Education Units Information

Institutions usually apply for Continuing Education Units and CFE supplies the material needed for CEU applications as soon as the seminar is booked. CFE also supplies meeting planners with the needed handouts promptly to allow them ample time for reproduction.